Thank You For Being An Awesome Lamplanetian

Since you are one of us now, here's a chance to win another Lamplanet for free and a $5 gift card! It's very simple.
Here's how it goes...

We always give away free Lamplanets to our customers who have added a review on their purchases. The best, most creative and honest reviews have the highest chances of course. 

And we also give guaranteed gift cards to those who add reviews and post to social media (read more)

To participate, follow the steps below

Step 1: Submit Your Product Review

Search for the product you purchased using the "Search Box" above to find it quickly...

And submit your honest review about it (we value creativity, objectivity, cool stories and sincere happiness). Use the "Add Review" button below the product information (it looks just like this example)...

Lamplanet Reviews

Step 2: Submit Your Business Review

How was the experience with our support, the website, the products and/or the overall experience with Lamplanet as a business and service to you?

That's what we'd love to hear about from you. Please submit your Business Review here.

Step 3: Post To Social Media With The #Lamplanet To Win A Guaranteed $5 Gift Card.

  • You must include your Lamplanet in the post.

  • A video or photo post earns you a GUARANTEED $5 GIFT CARD (once done, email us your post to to redeem your gift card, since by the social username it's quite hard to track you down!)

  • Videos and creative videos also earn you more points towards the giveaway contests ;)

  • A photo also earns you points for the giveaway contests, but video earns you way more.

  • Show yourself with your smiling face in the photo and/or video to earn more points towards the giveaway contests.

  • Increase your chances by posting it to as many social sites as possible (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter).

  • If you have to choose one make it Instagram and if you don't have Instagram, then choose Facebook.

  • Include #Lamplanet and #Lamplanetian so we can actually get notified of your post and enter you into the draws.

See below for inspiration and join the Lamplanetian Community soon by posting your picture to social media.

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