Here's How To Guarantee You Win One

Grab your unique link below and share the heck out of it! The more people that sign up to the contest through you, the higher your chances to win one of these lamps.

Instructions For A Guaranteed Win

There are many just like you who want to win theirs, and honestly we won't be able to give one to every one as you well know, however by just referring 5 people who also love Dragon Ball, you will be way ahead of most participants (because, let's be realistic, most people will just click on those share buttons above and then do nothing else but hope they win....).

Don't be one of those, put in 5 minutes now and talk to some of your friends who also love Dragon Ball and get them to enter the contest via your link. This pretty much guarantees yourself the win of this ultimate DBZ collection center piece...for free.

But if you then go the extra mile and keep referring some more, you will win one guaranteed...cause only like 1% would do the same.

Questions About The Contest Answered

Why are you giving these away for free?

Since that’s one of our core values….Let us be very upfront and honest with you.

  1. We have left inventory and we want to give back to the community instead of selling it.
  2. It helps our brand be out there.
  3. The lamp just rocks and we want you to have one.
  4. After receiving important customer feedback about this version, we are currently launching the upgraded 2.0 version with many improved details and better features.

How much do I have to wait to know if I won?

We will be announcing winners throughout the entire campaign. Stay tuned by checking the inbox of your given email for emails saying “[Lamplanet] Did You Win?”.

Hopefully it will be your name soon, but first start telling others about this free lamp using your personal link cause every entry under you will add onto your points to win your 1.0 lamp. And the time is limited, so go, go, go! :D

If you're giving these away, is quality going to be an issue?

Well, just check the reviews on the product page or below on this page. You will be getting the exact lamp others actually gladly paid for.

What’s the catch? Not everyone will win, but you have a an option to increase your chances as you can see. So grab your referral link and start sharing this. We wish you a ton of success! A Spirit Bomb Lamp is waiting for you in stock.

How long till this giveaway is over?

This is an ongoing contest until we have given them all away one by one. We will keep in contact via email and maintain you informed throughout all the contest. Stay tuned for emails coming from [email protected]

But don’t delay any further…any second is crucial for you to take home your Spirit Bomb Lamp as you should have already understood ;).

Light Up Your Room With Goku's Intense Spirit Bomb Ki Just Like They Did!

  • Stylish And Designerish Finish With The Right Balance Of Light And Ambient Atmosphere.
  • Beautiful Blue Light Only (The 2.0 Version Includes White Too)
  • Accepts 85-265 V. Input (Will Work Where You're At Period)
  • The Perfect Fit For Your Collection's Center!
  • FREE Only During This Special Giveaway.

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