Custom 3D Lamp
Introducing: Custom 3D Lamps (Limited Availability) Let's Craft Your Hobby, Your Memories or Anything You Want Into A Special 3D Lamp Made Just For You. Think of that something you love or that someone special. Something you dream or get super passionate about. Or maybe that thing someone you care about, absolutely loves. Then let us craft it into a beautifully designed 3D Illusion Lamp which adds life and light to that desk, that bedroom or that empty space that could use some elegant and conversation-starter-type-of personality. Makes a perfect gift or an impressive personal treat. Your home could use another dose of what makes you, YOU. You are extraordinary and embracing that which makes you unique is what makes you a Lamplanetian. #MoreThanLamps #LamplanetiansUnite. Your Wish Is Our Command So...Do you already know what you want your 3D Lamp to be? We can make any photo, character, drawing, logo, hobby or any idea you want into one of these stylish 3D lamps.  All you have to do is choose your quantity, Add To Cart and Checkout. Our Lamplanetian Specialists will then personally get in touch with you via email (and phone if necessary) to get all the details we need to create the perfect lamp for you. After 7 business days they will contact you again with a sample for you to approve and if you like it, we will put it into production and ship that baby to you on the next spaceship going to The Earth.  Of course, if you need anything we are here for you (see customer service info)   NOW ACCEPTING ORDERS · CLOSING SOON. We can only take few custom orders per weekand we are already reaching max capacity. Click Add To Cart to save your spot. 

Our Mission = More than lamps

Welcome to Lamplanet. Our mission is to connect you closer to what makes you...really YOU. The extraordinary, special and unique you.

We want to make lamps that don't just fulfil a practical purpose. That's too ordinary. We want to create inspiration that becomes a daily piece of you because it's made around a passion that truly makes you who you are.

Let your lamp be from Lamplanet. Let's be extraordinary.

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Total satisfaction guarantee

We are here for and because of YOU. If you're not 100% satisfied, hit us up and we'll give you a solution based on your needs (replacement...easy!, gift got it!)

Worldwide free shipping

You love Free Shipping, right? Well, in today's times you should not accept anything else. You deserve free shipping and at Lamplanet we make it as simple for you as that.

Empathic personal support

Support should always be flexible to the customer's needs and that is what we live by at Lamplanet. Yes, we have clear policies too, but when it comes to helping our peeps, we do anything to keep you happy.

Super secure sh(o/i)pping

On our planet every product you buy is protected by our "Worry-Free Insurance" (send us a pic about the damage and we'll send you a new one). And security? We use Shopify as our e-commerce provider and they are as secure as you can get.

5 stars customer reviews

There must be a reason why 98% of our customers give us 5 Star Reviews. Might be the fresh air, the dancing flowers or the clean water on our planet, or maybe just because we go up and beyond for YOU. Join the family and see!

You are our mission

If everything before doesn't make you tick, let us proof it with our actions. You are the reason we wake up every morning: Your passions, the true freedom to be yourself every minute of your wonrderful existence, YOU! You and your uniqueness is why Lamplanet exists.